Products and services

According to customer

  • Complex parts for gold mining machines
    (Mine frames, Rotor bowls, Baskets, Lids).
  • Transformer Core cutting lines and Coil
    winding machines.
  • Automatic lines for concrete reinforcing bar
    procesing (Flexible Jigs and Conveyors).
  • Skids for the automatic lines for painting car
    bodies and transporters for assembly lines.
  • Cabins for CNC machine tools.
  • Equipment for loading grain into ships.
  • Shieldings and assemblies for electron
  • Large tubular structures (cantilevers for
    stackers), large tube frames for business

Our own documentation

  • Press-forming and Rubber lininig tools.
  • Clamping and Assembly Jigs.
  • Technologie transfer for serial parts machining.

Manufacturing Services

  • CNC Machining of complex parts up to 6,5 t.
  • Laser cutting of steel , Al- and stainless
    sheet metal and tubes, up to 3000mm long
    and of diameter up to 340mm.
  • Precision bending of complex sheet metal
    parts, as well as of profiles of cylindrical and
    conical shapes, up to 4000mm long.
  • Welding of parts from mild steel, stainless
    steel, aluminium, (REL, TIG, MIG/MAG).
  • Lead coating of housing for electron
    accelerators, etc – with lead plates 1-20mm.

1. Complex parts for gold mining machines (Mine frames, Rotor bowls, Baskets, Lids)

Rotor bowl FR5200
Baskets SB750, 1350, 2500, 5200    
Main frames for Concentrators SB350, SB750, SB1350, SB2500

Customer: Sepro Mineral Systems Canada

2. Transformer Core cutting lines and Coil winding machines

Transformer cutting line TRL 300
Bending line LZS 350
Stecker for TRL 300
Decoiler with 1, 2 i 4 heads
Coil Winding machine

Customer: KPS Machinery for Rex Power Magnetics, Canada
ABB – Hytachi, USA

3. Automatic lines for concrete reinforcing bar procesing (Flexible Jigs and Conveyors)

Longitudinal armature conveyor
Flexible Jig and Lever conveyor

Customer: GMT Robotics, Denmark

4. Skids for the automatic lines for washing and painting car bodies (1250 – PC delivered).

KTL i DL – Skids 2800x1200x500 mm
KTL i DL – Skids 8000 x 1400 x 600 mm

Customer: Eisenmann, Germany
Durr Systems, Germany

5. Rail transporters for assembly lines in automotive industry (340-PC delivered)

EPB double engine plus TKF transporters
for pallets up to 1500 kg

EVB rail-guided hanging transporters for car engines and seats, carrying 200 – 500 kg.

Customer: Eisenmann , Germany

6. Calibrating lines for rubber profile for automotive industry

Calibrating line for rubber profile

Customer: Copper Standard, Germany

7. Clamping jigs for CNC machining – of complex parts

Design and manufacturing Clamping jigs 900×2000 for Waldaschaff (20-PC).

Clamping jigs for CNC machining of excavator elbows

Customer: JW Frohlich, Germany
Wacker Neuson, Serbia

8. Cabins and welded parts for CNC machine tools

Cabins for grinding machines 2.500 to 10.500mm length
Cabins for machining centres for machining of connecting rods
Assemblies for washing machines and transporters

Customer: Grindex Kikinda
Agena Technology, Šimanovci

9. Housings for traffic control cameras, Traffic light carriers

Housings for traffic control cameras VANPR (240-PC)
Traffic light carriers (200-PC)
Housing for passports inspection units (“Jaje”, 35-PC)

Customer: VLATACOM Institut, Beograd

10. Equipment for loading grain into ships

Dust suppressors 1000
Inlet swivel hoper, Discharge tanks
Pipes up to 9m long for transporting grain
Swivel mechanisms ( capacity of 130t )

Customer: Bühler AG, Switzerland

11. Components for exhaust systems

Shutters of the diameter Ø 1000mm – basic components for carbon dust and hot gasses ventilation systems.

Customer: Eisenmann, Germany

12. Assembly for electron accelerators

Protection housing – fixed and movable sections (lead coated
3-20mm), and a base with linear guide ways, base stands.
Accelerators – equipment for fast drying during painting or

Customer: Electron Crosslinking AB, Sweden

13. Large tubular structures

Cantilever 45m in length with a 10m high pylon and
sheet metal hanging support, 18 tons weight, for
stacker in RTB Bor Copper mine “Veliki Krivelj”.

Customer: Innovation Centre of Mechanical Engineering
faculty, Belgrade (design and engineering)
Kolubara Metal, Vreoci (assembly)

14. Large framework for business buildings

Decorative tube framework in font of panoramic
lifts, business building in Belgrade. 32m heigh,
7.2m width (tube components with laser-cut
ends, 400-9600mm in length).
Porch cover tube framework – sections 3900 x
1600mm – for a business building in Belgrade.

Customer: GEMAX, Belgrade (welding and installation)
Projmetal, Beograd (engineering)
Konstruktor Konsalting d.o.o. Belgrade

15. ECM Electro Discharging Machines –Housings for finishing parts in the auto industry

ECM – Electro Discharging machines – Housings

Customer: Vulić ECM from Germany.

16. Design and Manufacturing of Press forming, Rubber lining, Polyurethane lining and AL casting parts

Tools for press forming complex parts
Tools for rubber lining parts
Molds for casting Al-parts
Forming plates for tools

Customer: Vlatacom Institut Beograd
Livnica Kikinda – Mašinogradnja
Sepro Mineral Systems, Canada
Gorenje MDM, Kragujevac

17. Tunnel transporters for skiers (77m)

Middle segments for the tunnel conveyor belt
(22 pcs., total 8.8t) with pre-assembly of the system.

Customer: Advertout -Beograd (Ski resort on Mountain Kopaonik)

18. Laser slotting, cutting of channels
and perforation of tubes

Round and polygonal tubes from stainless steel,
aluminium and mild steel. Diameter Ø20-Ø340,
length up to 3000mm.
Rectangular tube perforation. 25x25mm to 170x200mm,
length up to 3000mm.

Customer: Manufacturers of equipment for deep drilling of the earth, and for special purpose

19. Bending of complex shapes by 3P NC-Press

Bending of C, Z, U etc profiles.
Bending of cylindrical and conical polygonal profiles.

Customer: Local and foreign buyers

20. Tube plates for heat exchangers for boiler plants

Pipe plates – stainless steel Ø 1470×168
with1752 openings Ø 19.3 + – 0.05

Tubular plates – steel with a diameter of up to Ø 1500, thickness up to 100mm

21. Transfer of CNC-Machining technology

Parts for diesel engines (NC programs,
Machining centers, NC tables, clamping jigs,
cutting tools, Personnel training,
Aggregate – Al mounting

Customer: Kamaz OAO, Russia